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Thank you for all your support, it is always a link page of business partner.

About the link to our site

Nonprofit, the link to our site does profit with freedom regardless of intranet.
But I decline the link from the following sites firmly.
  • Link from the site against public order and morals
  • Link from the site including the contents which slander us and the product, service, and slander it, and damage trust, honor
  • Link from the site that published illegal contents (including contents having illegal possibility), and participated in an illegal activity (including the activity having illegal possibility) or might participate
In addition, I would appreciate your avoiding it without a right URL being displayed when I have you link when a linked screen is displayed in a frame as I might invite the misconception of the site to the reader.
MARUSHOW ENGINEERING.CO.,LTD. 3-15,2chome, Atobeminaminocho, Yao City. Osaka pref. Japan
Postal code : 581-0055
TEL. +81-72-943-1800
FAX. +81-72-943-1803    
Business Description:
◆Various wire processing and
 Wire forming machine
◆Various Machine Tools
◆Special jig & tool
◆Labor-saving automatic
◆Various testing machine
◆Design & Production
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