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Employment Information

We are recruiting a wide range of human resources having motivation of aiming to become an

executive in the future

Recruitment & Job description
Sales, Mechanical design, Material engineering,
Machine assembly
Academic background
Not required
Graduated from mechanical course or prospective
graduate, Mechanical Engineer (Experienced preferable)
Up to 60 years old
Working hours
8:10 ~ 17:15
Monthly salary
JP.Yen 185,000 ~ JP.Yen 350,000
For applicantion
Application method
After telephone contact please send resume (attached 
photo) & working experience detail by post.
Afterwards we will inform date of interview.
Send document to :
3-15, 2 chome, Atobeminaminocho, Yao city,
Osaka prefecture, Japan. P.O. Box. 581-0055.
Accounting & General affairs Department.
Attn : Takashi Niboshi. 
Tel : +81-72-943-1815
MARUSHOW ENGINEERING.CO.,LTD. 3-15,2chome, Atobeminaminocho, Yao City. Osaka pref. Japan
Postal code : 581-0055
TEL. +81-72-943-1800
FAX. +81-72-943-1803    
Business Description:
◆Various wire processing and
 Wire forming machine
◆Various Machine Tools
◆Special jig & tool
◆Labor-saving automatic
◆Various testing machine
◆Design & Production
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