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This is a link page of suppliers to becoming ordinarily care.

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We will assume the link to this WEB site to be free regardless of the profit-pursuing, non-profit-making, and Intranet. However, I will refuse the link from the following sites hard.
  • Link from site that offends public order and morals.
  • It is a site including the content that damages the slander slander and confidence and honor as for our company, the commodity, and service.
  • The link from the site which may have involved or participated in activity (the activity which has an illegal possibility is included) illegal in carrying illegal contents (the contents which have an illegal possibility being included)
In addition, in having a link stretched, if a link place screen is displayed in a frame, the right URL will not be displayed, but since there is a possibility of inviting misconception of a site to a visitor, please avoid.
MARUSHOW ENGINEERING.CO.,LTD. 3-15,2chome, Atobeminaminocho, Yao City. Osaka pref. Japan
Postal code : 581-0055
TEL. +81-72-943-1800
FAX. +81-72-943-1803    
Business Description:
◆Various wire processing and
 Wire forming machine
◆Various Machine Tools
◆Special jig & tool
◆Labor-saving automatic
◆Various testing machine
◆Design & Production
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