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About This site

About This site

MARUSHOW ENGINEERING has the copyright of contents (sentences, material, images, and catalogs, etc.) in this WEB site.
Contents of this WEB site are prohibited regardless of the profit-pursuing, non-profit-making, and Intranet and it is prohibited to use the reproduction, the diversion, and the second sales, etc. without permission.

Examption matters

  • Our company must acknowledge being not able to assume all the responsibilities even when the mistake is found in the content etc. of the description by any chance though information on this WEB site is pursuit of accuracy.

  • Contents and URL on this WEB site change or might be discontinued without a previous notice. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

  • The reason cannot be not very related, and assume the responsibility of any damage caused by the interruption of the operation of the change in information and this Web site or discontinuance.

About the plug-in

The following plug-in and application are used to this WEB site. Please download no installation from the following when you use it.

Handling of individual information

  • Our company has decided not to collect not to use it without permission without the agreement of the person in question or the enterprise for the corporate information of individual information of everybody including the customer, privacy or the enterprise.

  • Individual information or the corporate information to make it collect when inquiring is used only within the target range, and never used for other purposes. Moreover, the information doesn't do all of the offer and indication, etc. to the third party, except when judged the law and it is necessary by ordinance when enough management is done, and the person in question or the enterprise agrees.
MARUSHOW ENGINEERING.CO.,LTD. 3-15,2chome, Atobeminaminocho, Yao City. Osaka pref. Japan
Postal code : 581-0055
TEL. +81-72-943-1800
FAX. +81-72-943-1803    
Business Description:
◆Various wire processing and
 Wire forming machine
◆Various Machine Tools
◆Special jig & tool
◆Labor-saving automatic
◆Various testing machine
◆Design & Production
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