Human-friendly machine
Machine handling is delightful
As wire processing machine manufacturer we offer product that
always satisfy our client with the concept of two thoughts which
are based on ergonomics in the development of new products.

We have been manufacturing machines with the concept of Human-friendly machine&Machine handling is delightfulconsistently since our establishment in 1976.

The challenge spiritwhich is corporate culture since our establishment & without forgetting it we would like to offer such machine that can enjoy ourselves as well.

And we are willing to make all our effort Indispensable entity = Partner

as to work with many clients.

Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

Event information

We will exhibit New productto Create processing programSimulation software Program generatorfor coil material supply typeRobo armat MF-Tokyo2019.

We will demonstrate wire bending process with actual machineMB08-3DCwhich processing programs' are createdverified and data transferred byProgram generator

Also we will exhibit & demonstrate processing with popular machine MB-08-3DT-1Hand NC bender series (all models). We would like to invite you as to visit and take a look our suggested model.

3-15, 2 chome, Atobeminaminocho, Yao city, Osaka prefecture, Japan.
Recruitment information
Currently we are recruiting a wide range of human resources having the motivation that play a center
role in the field of company management.
The person who are interested, please consider for applying after confirming the application guidelines.
We look forward as to receive application from interested applicant.