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Creating value for our customers

We are committed to pursuing product development that aligns with the principles of "machines that are user-friendly" and "machines that are enjoyable to operate." By prioritizing these aspects, we continuously strive to create products that consistently satisfy our customers.


Our mission is to be the optimal partner as a wire processing machine manufacturer. We aim to provide processing machines that are user-friendly and easy to operate, catering to our customers’ “wish list” in their manufacturing endeavors and swiftly addressing any challenges they may face. We strive to create high added value and deliver products and services that genuinely satisfy our customers.


We sincerely appreciate your continued support and valuable guidance. Our aspiration is to remain a trusted and reliable partner, always ready to listen and provide assistance to our customers.

The foundation of our product development lies in the concepts we have cherished since our establishment: “machines that are user-friendly” and “machines that are enjoyable to operate.” We firmly believe that delivering such products will bring joy to our business partners and ultimately to the end consumers.

Moving forward, we will unite as one team to continuously provide technology and services that meet the needs of our customers. We kindly ask for your ongoing guidance and encouragement as we strive to progress.

President and CEO

Toshiyuki Tanaka

Company outline

Company NameMarushow Engineering Co., Ltd.
President and CEOToshiyuki Tanaka
Establishment6th. Sept. 1976
Corporate Establishment1st. June. 1989
Address3-15, 2 chome, Atobeminaminocho, Yao city, Osaka pref.
Japan. P.O. Box. 581-0055.
TEL+ 81-72-943-1800
FAX+ 81-72-943-1803
BankResona Bank, Limited.
Business DescriptionVarious Wire Processing Machine / Wire Forming Machine
Various Machine Tools
Special jig & tool
Labor-saving automatic machine
Various testing machine
Design & Production
Delivery type of industryAutomobile parts manufacturer
Automobile seat manufacturer
Hanger, display articles manufacturer
kitchen supplies manufacturer
Building & construction hardware manufacturer
Gardening supplies manufacturer
Delivery actual resultsMajor domestic automobile parts manufacturer
All over Europe, The USA and Asia


At MARUSHOW Machinery, we offer demo machines for your convenience. You can experience the high operability, precision, and speed by witnessing a demo run. Please feel free to visit our office at your convenience.

3-15, 2 chome, Atobeminaminocho, Yao city, Osaka pref.
Japan. P.O. Box. 581-0055.